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Subletting your apartment

Subletting your apartment

Subletting your apartment (for a fixed period) is allowed in the following situations:

  • Exchange studies
  • Internship
  • During the summer months (June, July & August)

The subtenant must be a student of age (18). If you sublease your apartment outside the summer months, the subtenant should be a student in the Helsinki region.

Please note! Remote studying is not an acceptable reason for subleasing your apartment.

In accordance with the rental agreement and the Act on Residential Leases, you need the permission of the landlord to sublease your apartment. However, as the primary tenant you’re still responsible for the apartment and the rent payments even if you are subleasing the apartment.

In order to get approval for subleasing your apartment, you need to show the requested documentation to the landlord. A study certificate and documentation of income from the potential sub-tenant, as well as the agreement for the subleasing between the two parties. If the contract will be for a period outside the summer months, you’ll also need to show a certificate of your exchange/internship.

Remember to also share the general terms and conditions for rental agreements with the subtenant, as well as the general rules and other necessary user instructions.

For additional information, please contact Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova 029 428 2900 /

sublease agreement

Please make sure that you are aware of the following information before agreeing to a subtenant:

  • As the primary tenant you are continuously responsible for rental-, and other payments, the condition of the apartment as well as the other obligations stated in the lease agreement.
    These sorts of concerns are always handled between Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova and the primary tenant.
  • Subleasing an apartment without the approval of Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova can lead to early termination of the primary lease agreement.
  • The apartment can only be used by the same number of persons that is stated in the primary lease agreement (one person in a studio, two in a 2-room apartment).
  • You can only charge the subtenant the same amount of rent that you pay to the landlord. If the subtenant has the possibility to use your furniture you can for that reason charge an extra fee.
  • You must always hand in a written agreement for subleasing!
  • Remember to notify Fastighets Ab Arcada Nova if you are about to sublease your apartment, at least one (1) month before the subtenant moves in, by providing the landlord with the requested documents for approval.
  • If you receive general housing allowance, remember to notify KELA that you are about to sublease. The allowance for the apartment will stop for the time of the sublease.
  • The primary tenant should also inform the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Please visit: