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Majstranden I

Modern student accommodation

The student accommodation at Jan-Magnus Janssons plats 6 A and Romgatan 5 A, B and C was ready for the first tenants in 2006. The modern and well-equipped flats have either one, two, three or four rooms. Majstranden I also provide tenants with a clubroom, sauna, roof sauna and laundry facilities. You can also rent a parking space.

Of the nine (9) four-room apartments, eight (8) can only be rented with furniture. The furniture include a bed, desk, chair and curtains as well as kitchen table with chairs.

FlatsApply for housing

The rent includes

  • A light flat with a regular or French balcony. The floor area is efficiently utilized. The kitchen is equipped with hot plates, oven and a microwave in the form of a combination oven. NOTE! No microwave in the four-room apartments!
  • 25 MB Internet connection
  • Cable TV
  • Water charges
  • Full waste management
  • Furniture is only included in the four-room flats

One-room flat

In the one-room flats, every square metre is used efficiently.

  • 1 room with kitchenette, 28 m².
  • Rent 485,00 – 522,00 € (with or without balcony)
  • There are 144 one-room flats.
Example of a floor plan

Two-room flat

The two-room flats at Majstranden I come in two different sizes and therefore give alternatives for different forms of accommodation. The smaller two-room flats are equipped with sliding doors, which shields off the bedroom from the rest of the flat. The larger two-room flats are suitable for sharing with friend or stranger. The rooms are equally large and soundproofed. The bedroom doors are lockable. The kitchen with the adjoining room and the bathroom is to be shared by the tenants.

  • 2 room + kitchenette, 42.5-45 m². There are 33 two-room flats of this type.
  • Rent 728,00 – 755,00 €
  • 2 room + kitchenette, 47.5 m² (shared accommodation). There are 38 two-room flats of this type.
  • Rent 755,00 – 783,00 € (split between tenants)
Example of a floor planExample of a floor plan (a shared flat)

Three-room flat

The three-room flats provide the opportunity for family and shared accommodation. All three-room flats have a balcony.

  • 3 room + kitchen, 75 m².
  • Rent 1073,00 €
  • There are 3 three-room flats.
Example of a floor plan

Four-room flat

The four-room flats provide the opportunity for family and shared accommodation. The bedroom doors are lockable. All four-room flats have either a balcony or terrace.

8/9 flats are furnished.

  • 4 room + kitchen, 78.5-80 m²
  • 1132,00 – 1200,00€ (unfurnished or furnished)
Example of a floor plan

Common areas

Laundry facilities

Located in 5A is a laundry room with two washing machines, a tumble drier, a mangle as well as two drying rooms. In addition to this, a wash tower with a washing machine and tumble drier is also located in 5B and C. Using the laundry facilities is free of charge.


Majstranden I has two saunas, one in 5A on the ground floor, and one on the top floor of 5C.

Further instructions regarding reservations and prices for the saunas can be found under the subheading “Services “.

Garbage containers

The garbage containers are placed outside on the inner yard. Please observe the instructions for garbage disposal.