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Moving in

How to sign the rental agreement

It’s possible to sign the rental agreement electronically if you have a Finnish ID-number and bank details which you can use for e-identification (tupas-identification). In that case you’ll receive a link to the e-sign by e-mail.

The rental agreement can also be signed in person at the office, at the latest when you come to collect the keys. Remember to bring your ID!


As a new tenant, you can collect the keys on the first weekday of the month since the beginning of the rental period. The keys are collected from Arcada Nova. In order to collect the keys, you should bring proof of a valid home insurance and be able to prove your identity!

In case you are not able to pick up the keys yourself, you can ask someone else to collect them for you. In that case you will need to inform Arcada Nova about this (by e-mail) with the person’s name and date of birth. The person who come to collect the keys must also be able to prove their identity.

Inspection of the accommodation

Many new tenants have not been able to see the apartment before moving in, and that is why you should inspect the apartment’s condition and cleanliness immediately after moving in. In Majstranden student accommodation, most often the old tenant moves out just before the new tenant moves in, and therefore mutual understanding is required. All accommodation is inspected after every tenant, and in case any faults are noticed they will be repaired as soon as possible.

However, the tenant is also obliged to notify Arcada Nova of any faults, no later than three weeks after moving in.

Please note! All faults that require repair of some sort must be reported in a fault report.

Check list before moving in

  • A proof of a home insurance is mandatory to collect the keys
  • Remember to notify the change of address
  • Remember to read the general rules
  • Please be considerate of other tenants and take good care of the accommodation!