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Rent payments

The monthly rent includes water charges and a 25 Mbit internet connection.

Rent payments as well as payments for parking should be paid by the 5th every month. The rent invoice is sent to the tenant at the beginning of the lease agreement. The invoice is sent with regular mail or via the service “Oma-posti”. Please note the reference number when paying.

Please note that the due date can not be changed, and unpaid rents are transferred to a collecting agency for collection. Unpaid rents can result in no extension of the lease agreement, or even lead to termination of the agreement as well as credit data entry.

Electricity charges

Except rental fees, the tenant will also be charged for electricity. The housing company charges the tenant for electricity according to consumption. The tenant should not acquire a separate electricity agreement.

Other costs


If you have signed a lease for a parking space, an invoice will be sent to you in the same manner as with the rent invoice. Please observe that even if the account number might be the same as for the rent, you should always use the specific reference number on the invoice in question.

A parking space on Romgatan or Jan-Magnus Janssons plats is 20€/month.

A parking space on Byholmsgränden is 25€/month. Note that there are no parking spaces to rent for tenants on Byholmsgränden 6. 


You will be charged for use of sauna if you have made a private reservation. The sauna is 5€/hour, except the roof sauna which can only be reserved for two hours each time, for 15€/reservation. The invoice is sent to the tenant by mail.

Price list for extra costs for the tenant