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Moving out

Rental agreement

The rental agreement is for a fixed period. There is no notice period. The rental agreement can only be cancelled earlier in agreement with the landlord.

General terms

Revoking a rental agreement

In the case of serious violations, the landlord has the right to revoke the rental agreement without a notice period. Such violations include e.g. neglected rent payments, continuous disruptive behavior, transferring the rental rights without a subletting agreement or transferring the use of a part of the apartment to another party without the permission of the landlord. The rental agreement will be terminated with immediate effect when the cancellation of the contract notice has been delivered to the tenant. If necessary, the landlord will evict the tenant through the local district court.

Inspection of the accommodation

When the rental agreement has ended an inspection of the accommodation will take place. The inspection is usually carried out on weekdays between 7am and 3pm, without the need to agree on a time or for the tenant to be present. The accommodation should be cleaned and emptied for the inspection. The inspection is usually carried out the day after the end of the rental agreement, in case nothing else has been agreed on.

The tenant is responsible for the condition of the accommodation until the end of the contract.

Deposit return

The deposit is returned to the tenant as soon as possible, usually no later than four weeks after the ending of the rental agreement. The deposit is paid to the account number received from the tenant. A prerequisite is that there are no open inquiries, such as unpaid rents etc.

When you move out you need to send your account number (with BIC if the account is in a foreign bank) to Arcada Nova in order to receive the deposit.

Checklist for moving out

  • Clean the accommodation thoroughly according to instructions
  • Remember to empty your storage space
  • In case you have lost a key, notify Arcada Nova immediately!
  • Leave keys and parking permits along with the key in the apartment when moving out
  • Send your bank account number to Arcada Nova for the deposit
  • We also appreciate if you let us know when the apartment is cleaned and emptied

If an apartment has not been cleaned properly, the apartment will be cleaned and the tenant/tenants will be charged for cleaning. 

Cleaning instructions

  • Vacuum and swab the floors, also the walls if needed
  • Clean and swab cabinets & don’t forget the top of the cabinets
  • Clean the air duct.
  • Remember to clean and defrost the refrigerator and the freezer, and the areas under and behind these. Please turn off the electricity and leave the doors open.
  • Clean the bathroom (the whole interior such as floor, walls, door, sink, toilet seat, cabinets, the floor drain etc.)
  • Clean the oven, stove and the kitchen fan filter, and also the areas under and behind the stove.
  • Clean the windows in regard of what is doable (during winter the windows should at least be cleaned on the inside).
  • Leave the curtains gliders in the rails.
  • Make sure your storage is emptied.