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Majstranden’s newest student accommodation

The student accommodation at Byholmsgränden 6 was ready for tenants in 2019. The modern and well-equipped accommodation consists of one-room and two-room flats. Majsporten provides tenants with laundry facilities.

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The rent includes

  • A light flat with either normal or French balcony. The floor area is efficiently utilized.
    The kitchen areas are equipped with a fridge and a stove (including an oven).
  • 25 MB Internet connection
  • Cable TV
  • Water charges
  • Full waste management

One-room flat

In the one-room flats, every square meter is used efficiently, the smaller one-room flats are for one person. The bigger one-room flats are for one or two persons

  • 1 room + kitchenette, 24,5-34,5 m², there are 65 flats of this kind.
  • Rent 540,00 – 661,00 €
  • 1 room + cubicle + kitchenette, 37-40,5 m², there are 20 flats of this kind.
  • Rent 724,00 – 772,00 €
Examples of floor plans
One-room flat 27,0 m²One-room flat 30,0 m²One-room flat 30,0 m²One-room flat 31,0 m²One-room flat 32,0 m²One-room flat 34,5 m²One-room flat 37,0 m²One-room flat 38,0 m²One-room flat 39,5 m²One-room flat 40,5 m²

Two-room flat

The two-room flats at Majsporten come in two different sizes and therefore give alternatives for different forms of accommodation. The smaller two-room flats are equipped with sliding doors, which shields off the bedroom from the rest of the flat. The larger two-room flats are suitable for sharing with friend or stranger. The rooms are equally large and soundproofed. The bedroom doors are lockable. The kitchen with the adjoining room and the bathroom is to be shared by the tenants.

  • 2 room + kitchen, 37-45,5 m². There are 9 two-room flats of this type.
  • Rent 726,00 – 867,00 €
  • 2 room + kitchen, 56-60,5 m² (shared accommodation). There are 9 two-room flats of this type.
  • Rent 937,00 – 983,00 € (split between tenants)
Examples of floor plans
Two-room flat 37,0 m²Two-room flat 45,5 m²Two-room flat 56,0 m²Two-room flat 60,5 m²

Common areas

Laundry facilities

Majsporten has a laundry room on the 8th floor (6A) with three washing machines, a tumble drier and three drying cabinets. Using the laundry facilities is free of charge.

Garbage room

The garbage room is on the first floor located near 6A with a separate door from the outside. Please observe the instructions for garbage disposal.